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Gone are the days of slow, traditional fax machines. eFaxing (Virtual Faxing) is a much more affordable way to send faxes quickly and easily. With True IP’s Solutions eFax portal, you can send, receive, and download as many faxes as you want, either to traditional fax lines or directly to an email address.

How e Fax Works

Online faxing works in a way that is similar to traditional facsimile transmission, but using more modern technology. In traditional faxing, the information on the document being sent is broken down into code, transmitted through phone lines, and reassembled as it comes out of the recipient's fax machine.

eFax does the same thing, but using the internet instead of phone lines. Now, instead of dialing a phone number and waiting for your fax machine to connect, all you have to do is open our online fax portal, attach your document(s), click send, and we’ll handle the rest. Since the document is being sent and received in its native format in most cases you will receive the document in a form that OCR and other advanced features are enabled on reciept. Our system encrypts all data we send, so you can rest easy knowing your virtual faxes are safe and secure.

Benefits of e Faxing

There are countless reasons to use eFax over traditional fax. For example, many times, we can use your existing fax number to save you the trouble of changing it. If we do have to help you obtain a new fax number, you’ll be able to choose between a local number of a 1-800- style fax number. Plus, if you prefer to use your traditional fax machine instead of the online portal, we can outfit your existing equipment with an analog telephone adapter (ATA) that will allow it to send digital faxes.

Additionally, with eFaxing, your business can:

  • Simplify communications
  • Save you money on ink, paper, and fax machine maintenance
  • Send faxes on computers, as well as tablets and smartphones
  • Transmit faxes to multiple people at once
  • View or resend past faxes with ease
  • Rest easy knowing cloud fax securely transmits over an encrypted internet connection.
  • Easily see your fax history, including delivery dates, times, and addresses
  • Save office space that would have been taken up by bulky machines

Our services include:

  • On-premise equipment
  • Virtual Users
  • Fax to Email
  • HIPAA Compliant

For more information send us a message here or call us at 855-878-TIPS (8477).


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